• Track Name

    Brooklyn Baby

  • Album


  • Artist

    Lana Del Rey

they say i’m too young to love you

you say i’m too dumb to see

they judge me like a picture book

by the colors like they forgot to read

i think we’re like fire and water

i think we’re like the wind and sea

you’re burning up, i’m cooling down

you’re up, i’m down, you’re blind, i see

but I’m free, i’m free

Calling home


I miss the trees

the sound of cows in the distance

at six at night

the warm summer nights

running in the yard barefoot 

driving for half hour

just get somewhere

the freedom of the open roads

blasting music with the windows rolled down 

most of all 

i miss my parents

talking about everything

under the sun

behind a glass of wine

take me home

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